Apollo Medical clinics was laid out in 1983 by Dr. Prathap C Reddy, famous as the draftsman of present day medical services in India. As the country’s most memorable corporate medical clinic, Apollo Clinics is acclaimed for spearheading the confidential medical services upheaval in the country.

Apollo Medical clinics has arisen as Asia’s chief coordinated medical care administrations supplier and has a strong presence across the medical services biological system, including Emergency clinics, Drug stores, Essential Consideration and Indicative Centers and a few retail wellbeing models. The Gathering likewise has Telemedicine offices across a few nations, Health care coverage Administrations, Worldwide Undertakings Consultancy, Clinical Universities, Medvarsity for E-Learning, Schools of Nursing and Emergency clinic The board and an Exploration Establishment. Furthermore, ‘ASK Apollo’ – an internet based interview entry and Apollo Home Wellbeing give the consideration continuum.

The foundations of Apollo’s inheritance are its unstinting spotlight on clinical greatness, reasonable expenses, present day innovation and forward-looking examination and scholastics. Apollo Clinics was among the initial not many emergency clinics in that frame of mind to use innovation to work with consistent medical services conveyance. The association embraced the quick progression in clinical supplies across the world, and spearheaded the presentation of a few state of the art developments in India. As of late, South East Asia’s most memorable Proton Treatment Center started activities at the Apollo Place in Chennai.

Since its origin, Apollo Emergency clinics has been regarded by the trust of more than 150 million people who came from 140 nations. At the center of Apollo’s patient-driven culture is attention (Special attention), the enchanted that moves trust among its patients.

As a capable corporate citisen, Apollo Emergency clinics takes the soul of initiative past business and has embraced the obligation of keeping India solid. Perceiving that Non Transmittable Sicknesses (NCDs) are the best danger to the country, Apollo Emergency clinics is consistently instructing individuals about preventive medical services as the way to health. In like manner, imagined by Dr. Prathap C Reddy, the “Billion Hearts Pulsating Establishment” tries to keep Indians heart-solid.

Apollo Emergency clinics has supported various social drives – to refer to a not many which help oppressed youngsters – SACHi (Save a Kid’s Heart Drive) which screens and gives pediatric cardiovascular consideration to inherent heart illnesses, SAHI (Society to Help the Conference Hindered) and the Fix Establishment zeroed in on malignant growth care. To bring populace wellbeing into the Indian story, the Complete Wellbeing Establishment, as visualized by Dr. Reddy, is guiding an extraordinary model of medical care in the Thavanampalle Mandal of Andhra Pradesh. It intends to give “comprehensive medical care” for the whole local area beginning from birth, through one’s excursion into youth, pre-adulthood, adulthood and advanced age.

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