AIG warns policemen against corruption, others

Daniels Igoni
The Associate Examiner General of Police, Zone 16 Base camp, Yenagoa, AIG Paul Odama, has cautioned officials and men of the Bayelsa State Police Order against participating in coercion, pay off and debasement as well as different demonstrations of amateurish direct.

Giving the admonition while tending to officials and men during an acclimation visit through the state order at its central command in Yenagoa, the state capital, on Tuesday, Odama expressed that there would be no pay off and defilement assuming the police played out their obligations.

He said, “Then, at that point, there is an issue of coercion. Assuming the police were taking care of their business there would be no pay off and defilement in Nigeria, since that is our command. We reserve the privilege to capture, we reserve the option to catch, recognize, to indict.

“Assuming the police are taking care of their business, everything is good to go of defilement in Nigeria. What’s more, before we can capture anyone who is bad, we should likewise need to clean ourselves since he who goes to value should go with clean hands. So we should be aware of that. I realize your CP has been conversing with you about it, and the top supervisory crew has no capacity to bear debasement. Ensure you deal with yourselves.”

Addressing different demonstrations of indiscipline, Odama encouraged the cops at the order to disregard tipsiness, drinking and dozing while working in light of the fact that punks could exploit their unguardedness and grab weapons from them.

“There are numerous results. Any cop who inappropriately acts will be focused. It goes from censure, even to excusal. So there are ramifications for any cop that dismisses any disciplinary means”, Odama cautioned.

He guaranteed them that the Monitor General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, was striving to work on the government assistance of cops, taking note of that compensation installments had become customary as of late.

The AIG, who oversees Bayelsa and Waterways States, encouraged them to safeguard themselves and be ready consistently while advancing solidarity and esprit de corps, particularly with other security specialists.

Prior, the Chief of Police, Bayelsa State Order, Alonyenu Idu, said that AIG Odama’s visit had lifted the confidence level for the officials and men in the undertaking of implementing social amicability, especially in this time of Yuletide.

He expressed men of the order were accessible for the rule of law the executives obligations without grievance notwithstanding the difficult climate where they were working.

“The functional climate inside this space is exceptionally extraordinary and testing. Bayelsa State Order is as yet crouching in an old party secretariat, and this has obliged the smooth managerial running and functional sending of the men”, Idu mourned.

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