Who is the CEO of OnLogic?

The CEO of OnLogic is Lisa Groeneveld. Lisa Groeneveld is a seasoned executive with a background in technology and business leadership. She has been instrumental in driving OnLogic’s growth and success in the industrial and embedded computing market.

Under her leadership, OnLogic has expanded its product offerings, increased its global presence, and continued to innovate in the development of rugged and reliable computer systems for industrial applications. Lisa Groeneveld’s leadership has helped position OnLogic as a leading provider of industrial and embedded computing solutions, serving a wide range of industries and customers worldwide.

As CEO, Lisa Groeneveld has been focused on guiding OnLogic’s strategic direction, fostering a culture of innovation, and ensuring that the company delivers high-quality, tailored computing solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Her leadership has played a key role in OnLogic’s commitment to providing reliable, high-performance computer systems for challenging environments.

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