A new program to help college students live on their own

Another program to get ready school destined understudies for free living will be sent off in Dubai soon.In light of this information, a number of parents reiterate that for many students, living away from home can be emotionally challenging. This comes as students get ready for the fall semester in August.Homesickness, stress management, social networking, and achieving a healthy work-life balance should all be addressed in more curated programs for college-bound students.
“One good learning in such institutes could be to help children keep the right focus and strike the right balance between academics and also enjoy life at the same time,” says Malaysian expat Siti Abang, whose daughter attended the university last year.Training programs that cultivate self-awareness, according to parents, can occasionally guide their children’s choices and actions during the university experience.



“This is a critical phase in most families, and each one does it their own way,” says Madhulika Chatterjee, another parent whose son attended the University of Warwick a few years ago. When they get older, there are some things that not all children are aware of. Cooking is just one. This was never a problem for our son because he likes to cook, but I know friends who had serious concerns about it.”The second thing you do is teach them how to manage their money. Even though today’s children already know some of these things, you still need to teach them how to do things like grocery shopping and laundry.She goes on to say, “You can’t always teach your kids who are going to college all the life lessons because you don’t know what they will encounter there.” For those things you really want to set them up by and large of what they could encounter yet better things a kid will experience just when they are there.”

Resilience is an essential component of mental preparedness, which is why experts in wellness place a strong emphasis on resilience. They explain that students should develop coping mechanisms and seek assistance whenever they need it because university life can be challenging both academically and socially.“It’s a big step, and there are a few things to keep in mind to support your teen through this exciting time,” says Dubai-based life coach and energy healer Girish Hemnani. They might be happy about the new opportunities, but they might also feel homesick or stressed. It is essential to be there for them, to validate their feelings, to listen to their concerns, and to encourage them. Your assistance will have a profound impact.

“Letting go of control is another aspect of mental preparedness,” he continues. Allowing your teenager to make their own decisions is crucial to their development, despite the fact that it can be difficult. Despite the fact that they may stumble and make mistakes along the way, those experiences are extremely beneficial to their personal growth. Trust that you have given them the knowledge and morals to handle problems on their own.Unihawk will launch a pre-university workshop on June 23. It will be held once a month on a weekend and aims to empower students. It covers practical topics like embracing change, setting goals, managing time, meal planning, nutrition, and managing finances.

It will also discuss important topics like substance abuse and addiction, which are rarely discussed at home, as well as emotional topics like social assimilation, stress management, sleep, and mental health.Focused on understudies matured 16 and over, the program will be driven by a few guides.
Sheetal Ramchandani, the program’s Integrated Nutrition and Functional Medicine Health Coach, says, “My own experience as a mother served as the inspiration for the program. When my eldest son was getting ready to go to college in the United States, he had a lot of questions about cooking and budgeting, two of the most fundamental aspects of living alone. We saw how the change, even just in terms of the weather, affected his mindset and well-being once he moved.She continues, “As a specialist in the field, I began to hear of other mothers who were facing similar difficulties in supporting their child’s transition to university.” Accordingly, I began a little gathering training meeting for young ladies in the beginning phases of their school life, when issues with pressure, pining to go home, peer pressure and mental prosperity are normal. We wanted to try to avoid these problems by giving students the tools they need to deal with them before they start college.

The program has additionally been planned in light of criticism from understudies in school, who concede that they possibly acknowledged when they got to college what they wish they had known ahead of time.Rose, who recently transferred to the University of Waterloo, stated, “I wish I’d known how to manage my finances and my monthly budget to pay my day-to-day bills and to save as a university student.”

In a similar vein, Yash, who made the move to the United States to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, stated, “The one thing I wish I’d known before I came to college is how to manage my time and develop self-discipline to study independently.”

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