Konsert Apresiasi Irama Keroncong Malaysia Bakal Bergema 5 and 6 Ogos 2023

important than buying something and feeling good about it in relation to a second-hand item that is likely to be found in a store.

Berpengaruh genre

This is a sign that people are interested in music that is more likely to make people feel good, and it is also a sign that people are interested in genres that have been around for a while, which is why I am here.

Salah satu classification muzik yang cukup berpengaruh dalam kalangan masyarakat kita adalah irama keroncong.

Keroncong Diiringi Orkestra Irama Perindu

In recognition of Keroncong’s commitment to quality and timeliness, Irama Studios signed an agreement with Keroncong Malaysia, Kementerian Communications and Digital, and Mycreative Ventures Sdn Bhd.

When it comes to the Konsert Apresiasi Irama Keroncong Malaysia in question, the most significant portion of the participants will be members of the Orkestra Keroncong Irama Perindu.This hairan Konsert Apresiasi Irama Keroncong Malaysia was initiated by a person who is affiliated with the irama Keroncong, Dato Yusni Hamid.Bersama Yusni, Dato Khadijah Ibrahim akan ikut berdendang bersama Dato Awie dan Datin Alyah. Ini ditambah lagi dengan kehadiran pelapis generasi baru iaitu Rasyidah Abd Rahim (Bintang Klasik 2012), Rizal Ahmad (Juara Bintang Wistfulness 2013), Jamilah Abu Bakar (Puteri keroncong) dan Han Byul.

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