It’s vital to have a decent comprehension of the costs you’ll have as a global understudy at Kwantlen Polytechnic College. All costs recorded here are in Canadian dollars. If it’s not too much trouble, note: All gauge estimations depend on Educational cost and Expenses in the Scholarly Schedule viable September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024.
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Application Expense
Affirmation Store
Educational cost and Compulsory Understudy Charges
Global Educational cost Store
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Different Expenses
Test First Year Expenses
Application Charge
At the point when you start your application to KPU by applying on the web, you’ll pay a $120 application charge.

Affirmation Store
To acknowledge your proposal of admission to KPU, you should pay a non-refundable* affirmation store of $5000 computer aided design for Restricted and Open Admission programs. This affirmation store gets your seat offer at KPU, and is applied towards your KPU educational cost.

*Discounts of the affirmation store are just accessible in case of a visa disavowal from the IRCC. See Discounts for subtleties.

Educational cost and Required Understudy Charges
At KPU, educational cost and required understudy charges are normally evaluated at a rate for each credit. Presently, worldwide understudies pay roughly $762.12 per credit for educational cost and expenses, except for ENGQ and ELST courses, which are $424.75 per credit.

Educational cost: $712.27 per credit
College Demanded Understudy Expenses: $49.85 per credit
ENGQ and ELST courses:

Educational cost: $394.16 per credit
College Demanded Understudy Expenses: $27.59 per credit
These rates are material between September 1, 2023 – August 31, 2024, however are dependent upon future developments. Visit the Educational cost and Required Understudy Charges page on the College Schedule for the authority expense plan.

The accompanying charges likewise apply:

Kwantlen Understudy Affiliation (KSA) charges:
Working asset: $3.67 per credit + level charge of $10.96 (to a limit of $58.59 per semester) and
$6.51 per semester and
$7.70 per credit
KSA Broadened Wellbeing Plan: $87.55 (each year)
KSA Dental Arrangement: $113.30 (each year)
Multi-Pass and U-Pass BC (public transportation pass): $55.10 (each month) Transitory Clinical Protection Plan Inclusion: $201.30 (per semester until verification of inclusion for the commonplace’s medical services plan can be given)
Most worldwide understudies pay between $15,100 – $24,367 per semester in educational cost and required understudy expenses, as full-time understudies at KPU signed up for 9-15 credits. Furthermore, you ought to represent the expenses of course books, course materials, and other living expenses. As a rule, you can compute the amount you’ll pay in educational cost and charges for a course or program by duplicating the per-credit rate by the quantity of credits. Or on the other hand, have a go at utilizing the Educational cost Assessor.

Global Educational cost Store
All proceeding with global understudies will be expected to pay a Worldwide Educational cost Store to have the option to enroll. Each term, you might have the option to enroll for courses once your store has been gotten and handled and you have a surplus of no less than $2,200 for you.

This is certainly not an extra expense; the $2,200 is applied towards the surplus of your record, which will lessen your complete charges owing for the term.
Your global educational cost store should be paid on the web. Kindly permit no less than 5 work days for your installment to be handled by KPU. Figure out how to pay at This sum should be settled up on and got completely before you will actually want to enlist for classes.
When your worldwide educational cost store is gotten and handled, you will actually want to enlist for classes on or after your relegated enrollment day/time.
In the event that you decide to drop all classes preceding the beginning of term, a discount of the global educational cost store might be mentioned recorded as a hard copy to KPU Worldwide.

Living Expenses
Notwithstanding educational cost and other course-related costs, understudies should represent the costs of residing away from home for a drawn out timeframe. Living expenses shift from one individual to another, however a portion of the costs you ought to consider include:

Moving Expenses
The typical understudy will probably require, at least, $8,000 to take care of living costs every semester. This is a gauge in particular and won’t matter to all understudies; we unequivocally energize that you make your own assessments and financial plan in light of your own living courses of action and propensities.

Different Expenses
Visit Different Charges page on the College Schedule for an outline of different expenses you might experience as an understudy at KPU.

Test First Year Expenses
This diagram can assist you with understanding how much cash you might require for your most memorable year at KPU. Kindly note that your genuine expenses might change; this outline assesses a typical global understudy’s most memorable year costs, and your costs will shift in light of different elements, including project of study, cost of convenience, living propensities, from there, the sky is the limit.

This expense will apply until verification of inclusion for the commonplace medical services plan can be given. Learn more at clinical protection.
2 Costs will fluctuate in view of the courses taken. A few courses might have zero reading material expenses, while others will require the two course books and extra course supplies
3 Lodging and utilities; food; individual costs; cellphone; BC MSP; food; lease

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