Malaysia introduces AIA Wallet Safe and Touch ‘n Go

TNG Digital Sdn Bhd, Touch Time n Go Wallet, and AIA Malaysia, owners and operators of uala Lumpur, have launched their first partnership product in a strategic partnership with WalletSafe.

WalletSafe is a six-month insurance plan that pays 10 times more than the balance of Touch’n Go Wallet (up to RM 25 in compensation) to Touch’n Go Wallet users in the event of a Covid-19-related accident or death.

This gives extra security against unapproved exchanges in Wallet and GO +accounts.

Efendi Shahul Hameed, CEO of TouchN Go Group, said in a statement today that electronic portfolio use had increased during the outbreak due to demand for cashless transactions.

“Given the expansion in exchanging volume, one of the central concerns that shoppers are constantly stressed over is the presentation of safety, Contact ‘n Go, and AIA Malaysia Walletsafe,” he said.

ValetSafe can be bought at a section cost of 1 RM beginning today, including government charges.

Bursa Malaysia Finished Solid On A Negotiating concession
The Malaysian securities exchange finished strong, with financial backers falling pointedly yesterday.

The benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) increased 6.71 points to 1,537.63 at 17:00, up from 1,530.92 earlier.

The list, which remained at 1.29 at 1.532.21, varied somewhere in the range of 1.532.21 and 1.544.0 everyday.

The total number of winners in the overall market increased from 629 to 404, with 434 meters remaining unchanged, 808 untreated, and 15 others suspended.

Monday’s volume rose to 3.65 billion units, or Rs 2.71 billion, from 3.47 billion units, or RM3.23 billion.

A vendor claims that record-high levels of confidence have been observed on the US market and that the Malaysian stock market has been in positive territory since opening this morning. Corporate earnings and Tesla and energy stock earnings.

He stated, “The domestic stock market’s performance has gone beyond the regional route and ended in a major recession.”

Thong Pak Leng, vice president of Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd, stated that excessive gambling and banking were primarily to blame for the rise in standards in the Malaysian stock market.

“We believe the collection of stocks, particularly blue chips, will continue to fall at the current attractive levels because the FBM KLCI appears to be performing well between 1,520 and 1,530.

“We expect the index to move between 1,530 and 1,560 for the remainder of the week, despite being at volatile highs. We will see immediate support at 1,520 and resistance at 1,565 from a technical standpoint,” he told Bernama.

Regionally, the Nikkei 225 in Japan was down 0.43 percent to 29,520.90, while the Straits Times Index in Singapore was down 0.39 percent to 3,231.51. The Kospi fell 1.16 percent to 3,013.49 in South Korea and 3.49 percent in Hong Kong.

Petronas Chemical Sen is one of the heavier items. The Dagang NeXchange sen increased from 5.5 to 82.5 sen among activists. On AirAsia X, Top Builders sen decreased by 2 sen to 5.5 sen, while remaining unchanged on Kanger International, Ta Win, and 15 sen. Respectively.

The FBM Gold Index increased from 68.32 points to 11,398.49 points in the index, the FBMT 100 Index increased from 57.52 points to 11,017.02 points, and the FBM 70 increased from 115.51 points to 115.51 points, bringing the total number of points to FBM from 15,081 to 15,081 points. On FBM, 15 of the 70 indexes were added. 72.24 focuses to 7,122.47.

The Financial Services Index increased to 22.54, the Plantation Index increased from 129.51 to 6,842.92, and the Industrial Products and Services Index increased from 1.21 to 203.35.

Yesterday, the market capitalization increased to 2.35 billion shares, or Rs 2.33 billion, from 2.27 billion shares, or Rs 2.89 billion.

From Rs 72.67 million to Rs 395.01 million, insurance premiums were paid. It expanded from Rs 35.95 million yesterday to Rs 52.52 million yesterday.

The Pro market volume expanded to 908.16 million offers worth RM308.85 million, from 838.38 million offers worth RM288.84 million yesterday.

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