Malaysian international safe haven working intimately with Thai specialists to find missing lady

BANGKOK: The Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok is working closely with Thai authorities, particularly Royal Thai Police, to find the missing Malaysian woman who was last seen in Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district.

It was accounted for that 22-year-old Chong Aggregate Yee had traveled to Chiang Mai on May 29 and made a trip toward the northernmost locale of Mae Sai in Chiang Rai territory, which borders Tachilek in Myanmar, where episodes of illegal exploitation had been accounted for beforehand.

The beautician had crossed into Tachilek, Myanmar, according to Thai police, who conducted initial investigations.

Datuk Jojie Samuel, the Malaysian ambassador to Thailand, stated, “We are working closely in trying to locate her (Chong) and ensure her safety.”

Yesterday (June 7), a woman who looked like Chong and had a happy face made three videos to show that she was “safe and healthy.”

The woman was seen pleading with the police to put an end to her annoyance of the driver, who had driven her there but had no knowledge of her situation.

However, her mother, Chee Choy Wen, who arrived in Mae Sai on June 7, stated that her daughter has not yet communicated with the family.

At the University of Southampton Malaysia, you can get a high-quality education from the UK. “If I do not meet her and hold her (Chong) in my arms, I will continue to search for her,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

The search for Chong by Thai police is continuing. – Bernama

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