Malaysian Tamil twist will captivate movie fans in the city.

These low-budget Malaysian films demonstrate just how prevalent and popular Tamil films are, despite the fact that they may never achieve the level of buzz that Rajinikanth’s next film will. At a three-day film festival that began on Monday in Chennai, ten Malaysian Tamil films, including “Underground Rascals,” “Uttracha Kali,” and “Appalam,” will be shown for the first time.
When compared to Kollywood blockbusters, the films, most of which were made on a shoestring budget, will be judged for awards in six categories by actor Charlie, actress Fatima Babu, and actor-turned-director Manobala. Not all Malaysian Tamil films are shown in theaters. Only 26 of the 80 films produced in Malaysia since the 1960s have been shown in theaters. We chose the 10 best of these motion pictures,” said Vijay, administrator of the Malaysian Tamil Film Celebration. ” Only ten percent of Malaysia’s 30 million people are Indian. “Vijay stated that only 1% of the population sees our movies in theaters and that only 6% of the population speaks Tamil.” The majority of theaters there prefer to show big-name Kollywood films starring Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth.
“From 1960 to 2000, only two Tamil films were made in Malaysia.” However, children have begun using handycams to make movies. “Around six or seven films are now produced annually,” he stated. T Mohan, chairman of the Malaysian Indian Congress Youth Wing, stated that plans are being made to bring directors and technicians from Kollywood to Malaysia to shoot films there. Additionally, we will bring our filmmakers here. “The experts here can teach us a lot,” he said. The festival was launched by actor Radha Ravi, who is also the general secretary of the South Indian Artists’ Association. The films will be shown at the preview theater called Devi Sreedevi in T Nagar.

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