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Our Story

Established right around a long time back, today Marriott Global is the world’s biggest and most worldwide housing organization. At the point when you work with Marriott, you have the world’s driving travel organization behind you, constantly. There’s an explanation Marriott’s way of life is so celebrated in the business.

Our tradition of “putting individuals first” returns to our earliest days. What it implies is that dealing with our Marriott family – our proprietors and their representatives – prompts extraordinary encounters for our visitors.

In 1927, J. Willard and Alice Marriott’s humble nine-seat A&W root brew stand in Washington, DC. established the groundwork for the present Marriott Global. Our regard for the proprietor’s job has never faltered. We ceaselessly make uncommon encounters for our visitors, create solid monetary returns for our proprietors and franchisees, and give remarkable profession open doors to our partners.

Basic beliefs and Legacy

Get the Fundamental Availability assistive tecnology application, part of our obligation to consideration.

“Deal with partners and they will deal with the clients.”
This is our organizer’s way of thinking and it has made Marriott Worldwide an extraordinary work environment for over 95 years. Our kin first culture has reliably acquired us grants and acknowledgment all over the planet. Offering partners chances to develop and succeed is essential for the organization’s DNA.

Our commitment to the client shows in all that we do.
Marriott’s standing for better client care goes back than J. Willard Marriott’s unique objective for his business: ” great food and great help at a fair cost.” We invest wholeheartedly in the subtleties — consistently, in each objective around the world.

Development has forever been important for the Marriott story.
The Marriott family helped shape the cutting edge friendliness industry. We’re headed to consistently rock the boat and expect our clients’ changing requirements with new brands, new worldwide areas and new visitor encounters.

How we carry on with work is essentially as significant as the business we do.
We hold ourselves to firm moral and lawful guidelines. This reaches out to our everyday business direct, our representative approaches, our production network arrangements, our ecological projects and practices, and our obligation to common freedoms and social obligation.

Marriott endeavors to be a power for good.
Our maintainability and social effect stage, Serve 360: Accomplishing something beneficial toward Each Path, directs our way to making a positive and maintainable effect any place we carry on with work.

Variety, Value + Consideration

Injecting variety, value, and incorporation (DEI) into our DNA is indispensable to the Organization’s prosperity. Marriott’s Worldwide will likely be a worldwide, groundbreaking forerunner in DEI, with activities filling in as any open doors to impart a feeling of having a place in every one of the people who enter Marriott’s entryways.

Marriott’s way to deal with DEI begins at the top. Our Board-level Consideration and Social Effect Council (ISIC) gives oversight of Marriott’s technique, endeavors, and responsibilities connected with our kin first culture, partner prosperity and incorporation, and other ecological, social, and administration (ESG) matters.

Marriott’s DEI goals include:

Establishing a comprehensive climate for partners, clients, visitors, providers, and proprietors.
Expanding the presence of ladies and ethnic minorities at the VP level or more.
Laying out a steady and comprehensive workplace where we perceive the entire individual.

Marriott endeavors to be where everybody is gladly received and has the chance to succeed, learn, and develop. We enlist for professions, not simply occupations — and attempt to make and keep a comprehensive culture where individuals are seen, heard, and have a place.

Marriott stays resolved to draw in assorted and socially determined shoppers over our common qualities and build up our obligation to variety, consideration, and social effect.

Marriott is making an entrance to help speed up generally underrepresented bunches in the excursion to lodging possession all the more often and all the more effectively.

Marriott’s provider variety program is intended to grow the organization’s worldwide impression with assorted claimed organizations, prod development, and rouse every one of us to improve.

TakeCare Help Asset

The TakeCare Help Asset (TCRF) is a magnanimous asset that makes need-based monetary awards accessible to partners at oversaw Marriott Worldwide locations* who are confronting monetary difficulty brought about by a cataclysmic event or certain other individual difficulty occasions. TCRF is overseen by E4E Help, an entirely possessed auxiliary of Starting point For The Carolinas, a 501(c)(3) public cause. With over 10 years of involvement serving clients, E4E Help is the main supplier of representative debacle and difficulty assets in the U.S.

New Orleans: Cover During the Tempest

Typhoon Ida made landfall in New Orleans in late August 2021, the specific day of Tropical storm Katrina’s sixteenth commemoration. Typhoon Ida’s obliteration left in excess of 1,000,000 individuals with no electrical power and blaze flooding through the whole area. Hadasha and her kid expected to empty rapidly and were left uprooted from their home. The help Hadasha got from the TCRF was utilized for sanctuary, food, and attire during their drawn out clearing.

Hawaii: Overwhelmed with Trust

Precipitation is normal in Kauai, yet a solid tempest in Wainiha in April 2018 had Brian escaping his overwhelmed home. After the water retreated and Brian reviewed his home, it required broad fixes. He connected with the TCRF and tied down an award to assist him with remaking his home and begin once more.

Nepal: Some assistance

In April 2015, Nepal was shaken by a 7.8 size tremor and its consequential convulsions, causing far reaching obliteration and death toll. Despite the fact that there were no lodgings in Nepal, the groups of 257 Napalese partners at our properties in 11 contries were affected.

Monetary Data
Marriott Worldwide offers a wide assortment of current and verifiable monetary data.

Monetary Public statements
Profit Reports
SEC Filings
Monetary Reports and Intermediary
Occasions and Introductions
Marriott’s introductions and webcasts to the monetary local area

Financial backer Truth Book
Find authentic data on Marriott’s Unit Counts and other working measurements.

Stock Data
Marriott Global turned into a public corporation in 1953. Authentic data on Marriott stock as well as profit and veer off data can be seen as here.

Trickle Records
How you can buy Marriott Global stock.

Investor Administrations and Move Specialist
Screen and make changes to your stock record.

Fostering the Future Together
Marriott succeeds when you do. Our group anticipates working with you to comprehend your inn advancement objectives, offer our cordiality mastery and backing your business goals to make long haul progress.
Marriott Global is the world’s biggest travel organization, offering unequaled decision for visitors and driving unmatched incentive for proprietors. With our broad arrangement of brands, dynamic deals and promoting stage, and the world’s most respected visitor devotion program, Marriott Bonvoy, we center around driving long haul beneficial organizations with proprietors. It’s never been more straightforward for proprietors to take advantage of the force of the world’s driving neighborliness organization.

Marriott Worldwide’s Image Portfolio offers the biggest and most convincing assortment of brands in accommodation, permitting visitors to pick the brand that best suits their movement needs. Our brands are fragmented by level, and characterized as one or the other Work of art, which offers respected cordiality encounters for the cutting edge explorer, or Particular, which offers critical way of life driven encounters with a one of a kind viewpoint. By praising the distinction of each and every brand, we can give an unrivaled assortment of movement encounters relying upon our visitors’ mind-set, travel expectation, or outing reason.

Extravagance Brands
Proprietors of properties inside the extravagance level advantage from a committed and profoundly gifted group of extravagance pioneers internationally and by mainland. While controlled by the size of a worldwide organization, Marriott treats every extravagance project as an individual meriting the most elevated scrupulousness and customization.
Our cautiously arranged, visionary extravagance brands are class pioneers that convey desired, customized encounters to high total assets purchasers. Our extravagance tasks pioneers and GMs know how to adjust monetary outcomes and client experience, and Marriott’s exclusive innovation and advanced extravagance biological system lessens functional grinding and brings down working expense. ​

Premium Brands
Marriott’s exceptional brands convey economies of scale and colossal worth regarding name acknowledgment and admittance to a worldwide client. We offer a full range of brand encounters, whether they offer work of art, revered cordiality or particular way of life encounters with an exceptional viewpoint.
Our assortment marks, The Extravagance Assortment, Signature Assortment, and Recognition Portfolio, offer a top tier working model for free lodgings, and our turnkey devotion program implies admittance to buyers from Day 1. Moneylender trust in Marriott-marked alliance causes trust and supporting adaptability. ​

Select Brands
Marriott Select Brands are driven by advancement. Through the use of new and different development types, as secluded forms, market-designated plan choices and models and inventive F&B arrangements, we are planning the eventual fate of accommodation.
Our brands drive visitor inclination and our foundation drive benefit for proprietors, from income age to cost investment funds. From understanding your vision to improving your tasks, Marriott upholds you all through the lifecycle of your undertaking. ​

All-inclusive visit Brands
Marriott sent off the All-inclusive visit portion almost a long time back with the presentation of Home Hotel and has been improving in this space from that point forward. Today, Marriott offers proprietors a top tier functional stage across four brands tailor-made for just a little more space and private conveniences. Long-term visit brands have an exceptional enticement for both business and recreation explorers.
For proprietors, Marriott’s buying power and economies of scale drive working model efficiencies that can boost benefit and increment income. With developing shopper interest, this is the ideal opportunity to investigate our demonstrated Long-term visit tasks stage with wide market accessibility to assist with areas of strength for creating for your next inn.

Reconsider the retreat insight with Comprehensive by Marriott Bonvoy, the freshest and most remunerating name in vivid get-aways. Marriott is rapidly becoming among the biggest administrators of comprehensive retreats on the planet’s most advantageous objections. We welcome you to look into Marriott’s Comprehensive brands and working stage to understand the maximum capacity of the present appeal recreation travel commercial center.

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