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In 1968, a youthful designer with a 1967 L71 427 Corvette roadster made a few associations with get bounce

up parts at a rebate. It wasn’t well before his racing amigos found out and needed a similar arrangement. From such humble starting points Culmination Dashing Gear was conceived.

Summit Racing Equipment is a company that specializes in providing high-performance automotive parts and accessories. They offer a wide range of products for various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Summit Racing Equipment also provides tools, equipment, and apparel for automotive enthusiasts. The company has a strong online presence and also operates several retail locations across the United States. They are known for their extensive inventory, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Summit Racing Equipment is a popular choice for automotive enthusiasts and professionals looking for quality parts and accessories. Vehicle parts for current and exemplary vehicles. Jeep and truck extras. Off-road and street performance components. Technician apparatuses and shop gear.

Engines & Engine Parts

Welcome to your base camp for pull — the spot to get all that you want to assemble genuine power and execution! We have contest demonstrated case motors, execution matched top end packs, and complete turning congregations from the greatest names in the business. You can add a bunch of high-stream chamber heads to your powerplant, update your valvetrain, further develop your oiling framework, or drop in another arrangement of cylinders.

We likewise have a total choice of driving rods, interfacing bars, consonant balancers, pulleys, and motor sections. We even have all that you really want to reestablish the pull that time has taken from your everyday driver.

Summit Racing Parts and Accessories

Get the upper hand — complete your venture with Highest point Dashing Gear parts! We have carburetors, manifolds, headers, advanced start frameworks, brake units, radiators, and then some! We develop parts

that deliver the same performance, features, style, and durability as the big leading brands using extensive research, testing, and over 40 years of performance experience. We then make them even better by offering them at an irresistible price. That is a benefit you can feel in your lead foot as well as your wallet! Look at our Culmination Dashing Gear parts for remarkable execution, worth and quality!

Truck Embellishments and Parts

Add execution and suspension parts, as well as different custom truck frill or parts, and make a definitive hauler on or off the street! Culmination Hustling is the pioneer for truck extras, and execution and rough terrain parts. Shop now for motor parts, cold air admissions,

exhaust units, tuners, suspension parts, fuel framework parts, tonneau covers, nerf bars and running sheets, wheels, tires, and then some. Fabricate your truck or SUV with the embellishments and parts it requirements to remain on the auto pecking order — shop now! Regardless of what truck you drive, look at our Task F150, Undertaking Ram, or our Venture Silverado for extraordinary thoughts to construct it better!

Shop Reclamation Parts and Frill

Blow everyone’s mind with your rebuilding project with the parts, apparatuses, and supplies you want to transform that outbuilding find into the following work of art. Culmination Hustling is your go-to hotspot for all your auto rebuilding needs, including inside and outside parts; motor, undercarriage, and drivetrain parts; paint and body hardware; haggles, and significantly more! Revive that task. Highest point Dashing is here to help you with the most extensive determination, tech skill, least costs, and quickest transportation.

Speedster Gifts, Dress And Memorabilia

So that your wardrobe is as powerful as your ride, get hats, shirts, jackets, and other clothing and personal items with the logos of your favorite performance brands.

Culmination Dashing infuses speedster style into your home and carport as well, with classic style metal signs, neon signs, tickers, and roused things of beauty for your walls, racks, work areas, and tables. We even have go-quick furnishings, in addition to bite the dust cast collectable vehicles and toys for youngsters, everything being equal!

Marine Parts and Adornments

At the point when you take to the high oceans, lakes, or waterways, take Culmination Hustling Hardware’s marine motor parts execution and worth with you! We realize your watercraft has unique necessities, and we have the supported inboard and detachable engine parts, in addition to the particular boat parts and adornments you want to cause disturbances each time you hit the water.

Ordinary upkeep is vital to keeping your boat in transport shape. Follow the suggestions in your boat’s proprietor’s manual for oil and liquid changes, and it’s really smart to clean your boat after your day on the water with a marine cleaner and wax. You ought to likewise assess your boat’s conciliatory anodes (additionally called zincs) and supplant them when they have worn out by half. They safeguard the lowered metallic pieces of your boat (like the prop) from galvanic consumption brought about by electrolysis. For fresh water, we have magnesium alloy anodes, aluminum alloy anodes for salt or brackish water, and zinc alloy anodes for salt water.

On the water, performance is just as important as it is on land. We have a large selection of marine engine parts, including camshafts, piston sets, and piston ring sets, as well as the gaskets you need to properly seal your engine, so you can keep it running or rebuild it. For a serious exhibition support, you can muscle-up your boat with a total V8 marine box motor.

We give you loads of decisions to fuel your motor as well. From stock substitution 2-and 4-barrel marine carburetors, to drive constructing high cfm carbs from the greatest names in execution, we make it simple to pick the right carb for your watercraft. We likewise offer fuel infusion frameworks, carburetor modify packs, mechanical and electric marine fuel siphons, fuel siphon remake units, fuel channels, and air channels to supply your boat’s motor with the perfect fuel and air it needs for protected, dependable execution.

Keep in mind, your boat’s motor requirements to run cool for most extreme execution and long life. We can assist you with beating that harming and power-looting heat with marine water siphons, indoor regulators, cooling parts and hoses, as well as particular marine coolant/liquid catalyst that is formed for most extreme cooling execution in the late spring with great freeze security for when the temperature gets colder.

Your boat’s electrical necessities are significant also. Profound cycle marine batteries might seem to be standard vehicle batteries, yet they convey supported energy over a more extended period going with them the ideal decision for most nautical applications. Remember to review and clean your boat’s battery terminals and links frequently, and keep your battery accused up of a support style battery charger in the event that you utilize your boat rarely.

Furthermore, a heavy start framework advances total ignition for further developed efficiency alongside the power you want for cruising or crashing through the waves. We are here to help you fix or work on your boat’s start and electrical frameworks with marine wholesalers, start wires, start adjust packs, substantial starters, and significantly more.
We have something other than boat engine parts. We have thousands of exterior and interior marine parts from reputable brands for you to choose from. Summit Racing offers the equipment your boat needs for outstanding performance every time you take to the water, including swim steps, platform ladders, marine exhaust tips, pedal assemblies, shifters, custom steering wheels, gauge assemblies, and mobile electronics. Every order comes with the Summit advantage.


Air and Fuel Conveyance


Stopping mechanisms

Skeleton and Suspension

Cooling and Warming

Motors and Parts


Outside and Embellishments

Clasp and Equipment

Fittings and Hoses

Gaskets and Seals

Checks and Frill

Gifts, Attire and Memorabilia

Starts and Electrical

Inside and Embellishments

Lights and Lighting

Versatile Gadgets

Oils, Liquids and Sealer

Open air and Entertainment

Paints and Wrapping up

Security Hardware

Instruments and Shop Hardware


Transmission and Drivetrain

Wheels and Tires

Support for Motorsports

Culmination Hustling Hardware was begun by a hot rod, and we support all types of motorsports with sponsorships and possibility for these endorsing bodies and lover associations:


Australian Racing Affiliation (ANDRA)
European Racing Series (EDRS)
South East Gasser Affiliation (SEGA)
Mid-West Racing Series (MWDRS)
MidWest Jr. Super Series
NHRA Jr. Speedster Dashing Association
Proficient Speedsters Affiliation (PDRA)
World Racing Collusion (WDRA)
Circle Track

Lucas Oil Late Model Soil Series
US Altered Visiting Series (USMTS)
Street Dashing

Trans-Am Title
American Perseverance Series (AER)
Sportscar Classic Dashing Affiliation (SVRA)
USCA Dashing/Optima Challenge
World Karting Affiliation (WKA)
Vehicle Shows

ISCA/Culmination Dashing Vehicle Show Series
Hot August Evenings
Barrett-Jackson Sales
Farm vehicle Pulling

Master Pulling Association
Public Farm vehicle Pullers Affiliation (NTPA)

Tools and Calculators

Summit Cam Timing Calculator With this calculator, you can quickly determine which camshaft is best for your application.
Transmission Query
You won’t re-think your proportions with this convenient transmission gear proportion adding machine!
Stroker Blends
The issue free method for turning over your stroker motor form!
Pressure Number cruncher
Get precise pressure without the mystery!
Gear Proportion Number cruncher
Ring-and-pinion choice made simple!
CFM Number cruncher
Dial in cfm for improved execution!


Leg tendon Race Series Execution Motor Heading Execution Motor Orientation
Gator Clasp
LG Billet USA
MeLe Configuration Firm
No Spill
NRG Advancements
Proline Hustling
Rohana Wheels
Rollmaster Execution Items
Romac Execution Items
Included Brands
Culmination Dashing
Alpha Offspring of AMS
Alpinestars MX
ALSTON Race Vehicles
Bostech Auto
Bowler Execution Transmissions
E-Stopp Corp.
FAG Heading
Ground Power Suspension
H&S AutoShot
IHC Suspension
Lithium Geniuses
Mack Brush Organization
Made For You Items
Nitrous Express (NX)
Powerbuilt Apparatuses
Stalwart Items
Speedy Time Execution
Romac Execution Items
Redline Lumtronix
SPEC Grasp
Spectra Premium
Apparition Execution
Speed and Strength
Tensor Tire
US Substance
Woodward Fab

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