The Lady and the Lies

Zheng Xue Er is a strong woman who has done well in her career and does not intend to marry. In any case, her mom was truly sick, and to console her that she will found a good spouse, Xue trama center chose to bring down the rules for picking a mate and track down a legit and stable individual to wed and have youngsters straightaway. Under the presentation of her closest companion Mi Li, she met Tune Hao Tian and wedded him instantly.

Before long her mom passed on and Zheng Xue trama center put her endeavors to accomplish satisfaction on her new, little family. After marriage, Zheng Xue trama center has been barren because of actual reasons, and her mother by marriage is very disappointed with this. Be that as it may, in any event, when she effectively became pregnant through test-tube innovation, her mother by marriage’s disposition towards her actually became worse. As if that weren’t bad enough, women soon found out that Hao Tian, who likes to show his affection for his wife in public, was having an affair with her friend and planning to take her property.

Zheng Xue Er began her plan of retribution after realizing that her mother’s death was also connected to her husband’s adultery. At first, Zheng Xue Er only wanted to investigate her husband’s adultery in secret. However, when she realized that her mother’s death was also connected to her husband, Zheng Xue Er became possessed by the desire to avenge her and pay for all of the cruel things that they had done to her.

The Lady and the Lies

English Title: The Lady and the Lies
Chinese Title: 她与谎言
Genre: Suspense, Drama, Family
Episodes: 20
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Zhou Jiuqin
Writer: Feng Shi
Producer: Chen Cheng
Released Date: 2023-06-12
Boradcast Website:
Subtitle: English, Chinese



Effective vocation lady Zheng Xueer has made incredible progress yet has never had plans to get hitched.

Zheng Xueer, on the other hand, decides to lower her standards for finding a partner when her mother becomes seriously ill in order to give her mother peace of mind and quickly find a trustworthy and stable partner with whom she can marry and have children.

She meets Song Haotian and they get married in a flash thanks to Mili, her best friend. Zheng Xueer is left alone and dependent on her small family for happiness when her mother dies soon after.

After marriage, because of wellbeing reasons, Zheng Xueer can’t consider, which enormously disappoints her mother by marriage. Zheng Xueer at last prevails with regards to getting pregnant through IVF (in vitro treatment), yet her mother by marriage’s mentality towards her remaining parts unaltered.

Her significant other, Tune Haotian, is a mother’s kid who, in spite of the fact that he satisfies Zheng Xueer to her face, doesn’t genuinely value his better half. Outside their marriage, Tune Haotian takes part in extramarital undertakings with Zheng Xueer’s companion, Mili, and together they intend to hold onto Zheng Xueer’s resources.

Zheng Xueer, with her quick wit, suspects that something is not right with her husband and goes into the dark to find out about his plans and affair.

Zheng Xueer begins her plan for retribution when she learns that her mother’s death was also connected to her husband, Song Haotian. At first, Zheng Xueer is discouraged and only wants to end their relationship peacefully.

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